Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What job?

I went bike shop browsing on my way into town today. From home I was able to do a meandering route which took in five different stores, all accompanied by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's album The Blue Trees. Beautiful.
I'm now a little further down the track in understanding what type of bike I might like - simple, elegant and unfussy. My next step is to browse the second hand bike stores.

Later on my walk I couldn't help but chuckle at a shop window which had a pink sign advertising a job vacancy for what seems to be the world's most unstable job. The first sign giveth while the second sign taketh away! It's no laughing matter loosing your job through redundancy (I've been there and didn't laugh once), but at least whoever gets this one will know they won't be selling feather boas for very long.
It's hard to see in that first picture, but it was made even more chuckle-some when I read the job description. Here is a closer view - I really like, "Huge Potential Earnings".

I've been mulling this over for most of today, but if they mean they need someone who can use a Search Engine I think they will have no problem finding a suitable applicant quickly (hopefully before the store closes down). But if they truly want someone who has knowledge of "how Search Engines work" I'm guessing there will be a long wait for an unemployed Google engineer to happen across the advert.

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