Friday, 19 March 2010

Austin Texas Day Two

A round of Wataburgers later and it's time for bed again. Today was one of those that feels like two or three days fitted into a single 24 hours. Exhausting but pleasing at the same time.

I'll back up a little. Here is the house I'm staying in with the bands and the other label folk. Unlike most things American it doesn't look big from the outside but, like most things America it is enormous on the inside.

This morning I caught the No.37 bus for the ten minute ride into central Austin. Nothing here is designed for walking, so the gentle morning stroll to the bus stop became a exercise in not being run over. Once in Downtown it's all a little more chilled out, especially as it's festival time. Many of the streets are blocked of for vehicles so people are left to stroll freely around about 5 blocks. This is an aerial view from the Orion hotel where I had a lunch time meeting and it looks down over the many music venues.
The collective hubbub of bands is incredible and to take a walk along any road is like having a indecisive fidget in control of the stereo. Each frontage you walk past presents a new blast of sound.

Some things I like liked on my travels today. There is this out door solar powered charging station for mobiles made to look like an old style gas station. I love it all the more because it's clearly a permanent feature and not shipped in to make the conference feel better.

Then there's this tower which looks as if it has a cathedral sitting on its roof. I'm going to try and get up there tomorrow.

More on day two in the morning.

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