Friday, 26 February 2010

Daylight water fireworks

Today was the first truly spring like day walking through Bristol. A key indicator being that I had over dressed for my walk through town. A stark difference from just one week ago when I was still having to make sure that under my winter layers I wore a t-shirt long enough to tuck into my pants! My sure-fire way of keeping the cold out. Try it. Even the water faeries were celebrating the windswept spring day by kindly putting on this beautiful daylight firework display reflected in the windows of a boat for all the passers by.

I haven't really been able to celebrate in the same way, what with our office being tucked away in the belly of a Bristol recording studio. Very little natural light gets down here which is lovely on cold winter days when you can hide away, forget that it's already dark at 3pm and ignore the snow and rain. It's not so great when you want to jump around in the sun. A day like today is made for windsurfing - an activity I adore but now rarely get to do.

On a day like today I can almost smell the wind and waves in this photograph I took of close friend of mine when we were last sailing together. I can feel the water beneath me being made solid from the speed. The hollow skimming noise of the board as it clips the crest of each ripple, barely touching the water and the power of the wind as it takes my breath away. It all combines, forming shivers in my spine like the shimmering reflected sunlight in the video above.

Tonight I celebrate with my lady. I can't wait.

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